Mike B Davies was born in San Francisco in 1956. The second born and only son of four children, art became his passion at a very early age. Michael’s Mother, a piano teacher, was very interested in art. After noticing that “drawing was the only thing that seemed to keep his attention for any length of time” she gave twelve year old Michael a large book featuring the works of Salvador Dali, introducing him to the art world and setting him on an artistic journey that would prove to be lifelong.


Never satisfied to stay with one medium or subject matter for very long, he has explored many. His media has included: Sculpture, (both constructionist and carving) Acrylic Painting, Colored Pencil “painting”, Lino Block Printing, Airbrush, Murals and most recently Mechanized, moving Sculpture.  Michael’s subject matter has included Surfing, Landscapes, and Abstracts, but overwhelmingly Michael has found Portraiture, both Human and animal, to be his favorite subject matter in all his different media, including sculpture.


After a two year try at Collage, Michael is largely self taught. Taking the time and effort to learn new media by creating many works with that media.  This has been, and continues to be his artistic education.


After a three year experiment with his own “parlor style" art gallery, called the Slo-Motion Gallery, showing more then 7 artists per show, the Slo-Motion gallery is done.  Mike is now concentrating on his own art career and his passion for showing other artists work in shows he produces and curates.