There are no deep hidden meanings or messages in my work. It is all produced for my pleasure, and the pleasure of others. I am personally present in every piece. It’s all an autobiography, weather I plan it that way or not. I’ve never had the problem of knowing when to stop in the production of a work of art. When I can live with it in the long term, (even in a commission) it’s finished. 


My influences are largely fluid, always changing. Other artists work, faces, architecture, the natural world, theatrical influences, mood, or just something I want to see that no one else has produced, all give me ideas for future works.


Being self taught has allowed me the freedom to explore new mediums and subjects without prejudice, preconception or fear. It may take a bit longer to teach myself a new medium, but the result has been fresh and individual. My latest works have been mostly in acrylic paint, colored pencil “paintings”, and sculpture in both constructionist and deconstructionist techniques. Though I get deeply involved with each individual piece, my ideas are often too broad to end at it’s completion, so I work nearly exclusively in series of between 3 and 10 pieces, or until I’ve exhausted the subject.


I continue to show my work in shows that I produce with a small group of artist friends and individually in one man shows in galleries and alternative spaces in Nevada and California.


Not limiting myself to “fine art”, I also design tattoos, do commercial art, large scale outdoor murals, indoor decorative work in concert with interior decorators, and commissions of all kinds. I consider myself an all around artist. If aesthetic creativity is needed, I want to be involved in any artistic opportunity.